Hey Everyone!

My posts have been very sparse as of late, but don’t fret! I’m working on some really big projects right now and the results have been fantastic! It’s been very difficult keeping them under wraps (only a handful of people have seen them so far). I shot my first studio shoot with a male model, a baby model, as well as my first shoot with a nude female model in the last week. I have so many photos to work with right now, I don’t think I’ll be doing any new shoots anytime soon! :o

On top of this project I’m running a Psychology experiment, so that is going to be slowing down my progress a bit, but hopefully not for too long. On that topic, I’m graduating this semester, so it’s been very busy!

My other big project is a tourism project for Downtown Menomonie, WI. I’m doing the project with the crew I did the chicken commercials ( I don’t think I’ve posted these yet) and a short documentary for a local winery. It’s going to be two videos, but one of the videos is likely pushed back for a whole month. It’s a little frustrating, but that’s part of the business. At least there is the historical video to work on in the meantime!

I appreciate everyone’s patience, it’ll be worth the wait I promise!

-Robert Blais

Blaze Photography & Design

Have you ever jumped into listening to a song at a random point in song in between beats and found that the song is utterly incomprehensible for at least a second or two? Amazing how important the order of presentation is in the matter of interpreting information isn’t it?

If this has happened to you, let me know what song it was and what kind of music you listen to! It’d be interesting to see what experiences are out there and what kind of variance there is